Environmental Advocacy - Media Announcement Service


Media Distribution Services

I can have your message distributed to all relevant media influencers in your specific industry.

Types of Media:

- Magazines

- Newspapers

- Radio

- Television

- Online

Your message will be delivered directly to the inbox of the contributors, editors, journalist, bloggers who are constantly searching for newsworthy content for their publications.

We can work together to identify key target industries to best get your message to the public.

Industries include:

- Fashion

- Beauty

- Food & Beverage

- Travel

- Leisure & Hobbies

- Children & Teenagers

- Medical & Pharmaceutical

 And many more!

Make it Newsworthy!

Send me your important announcement, your message 

- How you are making a difference?

- What is the problem you are solving?

- How do we join in your cause?

- Include statistics.

- Keep it factual.

- Are you having a launch or an event?

- How can people get in touch?

- Include images, youtube videos and more.

Need some help with your press release? 

Contact me to discuss a strategy.

Media Monitoring Service

Keep up to date with your reputation in the media.

Track our competitors coverage.

Stay on top of your industry movements in the media.

Plus, track the success of every distribution!

I will provide a success report outlining who has opened your press release and who has followed your links.

What to do next?

Already have your announcement?

Send me your announcement and target audience today and have your news released within 24 hours!

How to write the best press release?

Contact me for some industry insights to make your news "newsworthy".

Don't forget your locals!

Let your community and neighbourhood know about your great work.

Let's get in touch with your local media outlets today!

Need help with your announcement?

Contact me to discuss some ways we can tell your story.

Share your big news!

Planning an event, a new product launch, opened a new location, added to your range? Don't keep it to yourself, let the world know!

Don't stop there....

It can sometimes take a few releases to reach your audience. 

Let's discuss a strategy!

How To Write A Press Release

What makes a newsworthy press release?

What is Newsworthy?

Newsworthy is the difference between what gets picked up and published as opposed to what gets deleted in the journalists’ inbox.

Here are some tips to telling a captivating and newsworthy story with your press release:

  1. Tailor your story to the audience. Make it relatable to the reporter and something the outlet's audience will enjoy.
  2. Make your goal to tell a story instead of sell your product.
  3. Present a crisis. Create a problem that needs to be solved then show how your product solves the
    problem. Include with supporting evidence, research data, facts, claims or quotes from happy
  4. The headline must be GREAT. Include a hard-hitting headline that captures attention and makes people
    want to read more.
  5. Keep it brief. Grab their attention fast. Loose the fluff. Journalists want facts - who, what, when, where
    and why. Keep your points brief, and consider using easy-to-skim bullet points to present the
    information more concisely.
  6. Include visuals. Images, YouTube videos etc.
  7. Use the best methods to tell your story. Videos, quotes, problem-solutions.
  8. Review your release from the perspective of the viewer. Is it relevant, what’s in it for me? If the answer
    is nothing - start again!
  9. Make it memorable and relatable. Good stories stick. Think of your reader.
  10. Include contact details. Add the best ways for customers to find you, follow you and buy your product.

Remember, PR is EARNED media, not Paid!