Environmental Advocacy - Media Announcement Service


There is no message more important!

PRforthePlanet has been created to bring the most important messages to consumers via mainstream media. 

By combining passions for public relations and the environment my aim is to educate, raise awareness, offer sustainable substitutes and become the change our planet, our oceans, our wildlife, our children, our homes and our lifestyles need to overcome to multitude of challenges we are facing.  

The reality is that the only companies that make it into mainstream media are the ones with astronomical marketing and PR budgets and often these companies and products are the ones impacting most negatively on our environment and are the least honest, ethical, sustainable or even healthy.

Over the years I have found so many AMAZING people, products and companies striving to provide outstanding solutions to these problems. Combining quality with compassion and dedication to the outcome of minimal harm in production, in consumption and also in the impact to the planet after use. 

I strongly believe that most people would make the necessary small changes in their everyday lives if they were better informed on how and more importantly WHY it is so important.

PRforthePlanet is here to provide an affordable media distribution service to products and organisations providing a solution to these problems.

If the environment is at the forefront of what you do, then I want to help you get your message heard.

There are no more excuses and I will not rest until there is change.

I look forward to hearing from you and discussing your specific needs!